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Sherriff Supplier Audit - Quality | Reliability | Safety

As an Australian electrical wholesaler, safety is extremely important to us.
So much so, that we have launched the Sherriff Supplier Audit,
see below a video of Graeme telling us all about it.


We pride ourselves on the high quality and reliability of the products we supply, because ensuring your safety, and the safety of your customers, is our highest priority.

To stand by this, we have developed a national product safety initiative. All our suppliers now have to pass a Supplier Audit to show their products meet, or ideally exceed, Australian Standards. Our valued business partners like you can then rest assured the products meet the highest quality standards.

So why does this mean so much to us?
Electricity can kill, so we will always take safety extremely seriously - in our business it’s just not negotiable. We will always support responsible suppliers so you can rely on our quality standards to protect your safety.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you today.
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