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Vishay COLBR3510 VS-GBPC3512A, Bridge Rectifier, 35A 1200V, 4-Pin GBPC-A

Unit of Measure: EACH

Vishay COLBR3510 VS-GBPC3512A, Bridge Rectifier, 35A 1200V, 4-Pin GBPC-A

A range of extremely compact, encapsulated single phase bridge rectifiers offering efficient and reliable operation. They are intended for use in general purpose and instrumentation applications.

The Bridge Rectifier converts an Alternating Current (AC) input into a Direct Current (DC) output for full-wave rectification applications. The diode arrangement provides the same polarity of output for either polarity of input. A three-phase full-wave rectifier is an arrangement of six diodes in a bridge circuit configuration. The packages are designed for minimal size, highest reliability and maximum thermal performance.

• Universal, 3 way terminals: push-on, wrap around or solder
• High thermal conductivity package, electrically insulated case
• Positive polarity symbol molded on the plastic case
• Center hole fixing
• Glass passivated diode chips
• Excellent power/volume ratio
• Nickel plated terminals solderable using lead (Pb)-free solder, Solder Alloy Sn/Ag/Cu (SAC305), Solder temperature 260 °C to 275 °C
• Wire lead version available
• UL E300359 approved
• Designed and qualified for industrial and consumer level

Brand Name Vishay
Length 28.6mm
Voltage 1200V
Mount Screw
Height 7.7mm
Pins 4
Current 35A
Width 28.6mm
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